Reading Sailing Club
2005 Prizegiving: Prizewinners
Event Position Name Trophy
Boxing Day Pennant (2004) 1st J.Bell
New Year Pennant 1st J.Bell
Frostbite Series 1st Enterprise P.Rose Rigit Digit
Frostbite Series 3rd D.Clay
Frostbite Series 2nd J.Clay
Frostbite Series 1st J.Bell Winter Cup
Easter Series 1st S.Sharp
May Day Pennant 1st H.Cisneros
Spring Pursuit Series 3rd J.Bell
Spring Pursuit Series 2nd S.Sharp
Spring Pursuit Series 1st H.Cisneros Spring Pursuit
Whitsun Pennant 1st S.Sharp Lex Shield
Summer Series 3rd P.Rose
Summer Series 2nd J.Bell
Summer Series 1st S.Sharp New Sonning Cup
Summer Cup 1st S.Sharp
Gillette Series 2nd A.Blakey
Gillette Series 1st S.Sharp Gillette Trophy
Cobley Pursuit Series 3rd J.Bell
Cobely Pursuit Series 2nd C.Evans
Cobley Pursuit Series 1st S.Sharp Cobley Trophy
November Cups 1st Laser J.Bell Commodore's Cup
November Cups 1st Solo C.Evans Novemeber H'Cap Shield
All Year Best Crew M.Beer
All Year Best Lady K.Allen Ladies' Plate
i) The July Cups were not held in 2005, therefore no prizes are awarded for this event
ii) Only two helms qualified for the Gillette series, therefore no 3rd place is awarded
iii) No Mirror or Enterprise entered the November Cups, therefore no prizes are awarded for these boats
1 S.Sharp Solo 118
2 J.Bell Laser 79
3 P.Rose Enterprise 41
4 H.Cisneros Mirror 26
5 D.Clay Laser 23
6 C.Evans Various 22
7 P.Jaeger Enterprise 19
8 J.Clay Laser 18
9 A.Blakey Comet 15
10 A.Frost Laser 12
11 K.Pope Laser 6
11 W.Loy SNR Solo 6
13 W.Davis Enterprise 4
14 M.Gough Mirror 3
15 K.Clay Mirror 1